Kulig Company

Global distribution network

We serve hundreds of shops and wholesalers worldwide.

27 years of tradition

We have the necessary experience in the industry, which pays off with growth.

Recognised brands

We offer our own brands as well as recognised brands from global manufacturers.

About the company

The Kulig Company, is a company with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Thanks to continuous development, we have become a leader in the e-commerce market as a valued supplier of kitchen, bathroom, children's and HORECA accessories.

We serve hundreds of shops and wholesalers across the country. Our customers also include hotels, restaurants, advertising agencies and retail chains.

Kulig - distributor of global brands.

We offer our own brands: Kulig, Vialli Design and internationally recognised brands: Mepal (exclusive in Poland), Cocodor (exclusive in Poland), F&H Group brands - exclusive in Poland: (Zone Denmark, Bitz, Sodahl, Lyngby Glas, Villa Collection, Hoptimist), Beka (exclusive in Poland), Brabantia, Koziol, Qualy, Eigenart, Fiskars and Victorinox.

Kulig - dystrybutor światowych marek

Prizes awarded

Kulig - dystrybutor światowych marek
Full list of awards
  • Top Brand Customer Laurel for Vialli Design 2021
  • Top Brand Customer Laurel for Kulig 2021
  • Top Brand Customer Laurel for Vialli Design 2019
  • Consumer Laurel Grand Prix for Vialli Design 2016
  • Consumer laurels for Vialli Design 2015
  • Business Gazelle 2020
  • Business Gazelle 2021
  • Business Gazelle 2022
  • Forbes Diamond 2022
  • Forbes Diamond 2023
  • Laurels of Skills and Competence
  • Chekhov 2018

Selected brands

Solutions for business

With its experience in the e-commerce market, Kulig offers turnkey solutions for online shops and wholesalers. 
We work with the best IT service providers and have a strongly developed department of online sales and e-marketing specialists.

Kulig - dystrybutor światowych marek


Kulig - dystrybutor światowych marek

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Kulig - dystrybutor światowych marek

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Kulig - dystrybutor światowych marek

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